Quality policy

We operate with our customers, employees, suppliers and society with honest, respect, full attention and fair play. Full quality assurance is set as the primary task of business policy, based on preventive action, creating excellent organizational climate, timely compliance with the requirements of business partners, environmental awareness, and compliance with legislation.

We try to build partnerships with buyers as well as suppliers based on many years of cooperation and trust evidencing.

The quality management system according to ISO 9001 covers all activities carried out by the company to lead, control and quality assure.


LamiFlame has been very successfully tested in several world famous fire protection systems

We also collaborate with many companies which tested our glass with their profiles and certified their own system. Additional tests can be made when curtain projects come. We have made many tests and the probability of positive test is very high.

Thousands of people have put their trust in TERMOGLAS, How about you?