Nominations and awards

General Manager Mlakar Franc was born in 1951 in Celje. He is man of hardworking principals.

Honest and jolly in spirit, he is man of words and actions, full of energy which emits in all of us. In short he is charismatic person, which does not allow himself to rest but finds time for friends and relatives. With them and his accordion he somehow equates stress and all efforts.

With his work he always helped local community and cared for development of employees. In years he got many congratulations, personal thanks and awards.

  • 1992 Bronze Award of Dusan Kveder Tomaz
  • 2001 Award for one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Slovenia
  • 2004 Golden benefactor in local church
  • 2006 Award for long years successful management and development of business

LamiFlame has been very successfully tested in several world famous fire protection systems

We also collaborate with many companies which tested our glass with their profiles and certified their own system. Additional tests can be made when curtain projects come. We have made many tests and the probability of positive test is very high.

Thousands of people have put their trust in TERMOGLAS, How about you?