History and development

In 1980 Mlakar Franc started career as entrepreneur with small glass workshop. Of course at that time working with glass was completely different. Cutting was by hand, insulation glass has not yet been made, materials were different.

1985 he built first production facility in Boštanj with 750m2. We started production of insulation glass on first available machines. Our scope of work expended.
We employed around 15 workers.

1991 we moved to current location with 1.500 m2 facility. Mlakar Franc founded company Termoglas d.o.o. The development and increasing demand for glass products required expansion. Our production became more and more modernized. New technologies were included in our production range.

1995 we started new production of plastic windows and doors. We had to build again in 1997 and facility was extended to 2.200m2. This program accelerated growth of company, employing more then 45 workers with high quality products.

2005 new facility with 2.800 m2 was build for glass business extension. Glass industry got big and demanding. Working technology got more sophisticated which got bigger and longer. Our range of glass products have also extended to tempering, laminating and fire-resistant glass.

In 2007 production of fire-resistant glass started in new facility of 1000 m2.

In 2008 we extended commercial and showroom facility.


LamiFlame has been very successfully tested in several world famous fire protection systems

We also collaborate with many companies which tested our glass with their profiles and certified their own system. Additional tests can be made when curtain projects come. We have made many tests and the probability of positive test is very high.

Thousands of people have put their trust in TERMOGLAS, How about you?