Customer service

With our customers, we have established various communication channels to meet their requirements. Arrangements in connection with the:

  • information about the technical characteristics of the project,
  • queries and taking orders
  • customer complaints and actions for resolving complaints,
  • feedback from customers on product characteristics and satisfaction with products and services.

Manager of the company establishes and maintains a high level of commitment to quality of all participating in a continuous process. Manager develops the quality policy and establishes quality management system which provides continuous awareness of all employees to meet the requirements of customers.


LamiFlame has been very successfully tested in several world famous fire protection systems

We also collaborate with many companies which tested our glass with their profiles and certified their own system. Additional tests can be made when curtain projects come. We have made many tests and the probability of positive test is very high.

Thousands of people have put their trust in TERMOGLAS, How about you?